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your holiday in Hanoi

Step into the restaurant after booking your hotels in Ha Noi, first impressions are thought as just go half round the earth to to the land of the distant West. On the first floor, all the details from the clock, the cabinets to the layout, bar, presentation, menu, blackboard and chalk color carries a feeling of very "Western". The furniture here is quite casual but still chic, trendy. In the vertical, on the ceiling is a row of the hair bulb is not stylized. The piano black color is located at a corner of the second floor is the focus of attention of many young people. The men make room capital teen becomes a luxury. In the corner of the room has a wall construction indented than usual. Here was built up and layout a thick mattress with some pillows, cute. Winter, which is seated in this small corner, nothing great. Nearby there is a table and chairs on tiny painted green red purple yellow. The you to here can spoiled that strumming the guitar, painting, reading,... On the third floor, you can be sitting on the floor, can also choose to sit at the table. The color of the room enveloped by the fresh, gentle. White table, blue chairs also vase flowers and a ladder built nearby. The third floor is the entertainment center of the small by here you can play cards, fish, horse, brick... Chillout has a menu varied with coffee, yogurt types, mock-tails, smoothies, cocktails, fruit of the same variety of dishes as fried sour pork, fried potatoes, fried noodles, bread... Source: Du Lich

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